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How to Buy Outdoor Patio Furniture


USA Made Patio Furniture

With so much outdoor furniture manufacturing done in China, many consumers are looking for patio furniture USA made.  Is USA made patio furniture still a thing?  Actually, there...
  • Anesia St. Clair

Get Your Arizona Patio Ready for Winter Guests

One of the perks of living in Arizona is that our family and friends want to visit us in the winter. We welcome them with open arms and even brag a little about our perfect weat...
  • Anesia St. Clair

Patio Covers Phoenix: Space Planning Your Back Yard

Dirt back yards behind new homes leave the possibilities for how to use your outdoor space endless. Homes typically come with a small covered patio. Due to our near-constant su...
  • Anesia St. Clair

Composite Patio Furniture

Composite patio furniture is increasing in popularity at a fast pace, and has been referred to by many names.  Some call it recycled plastic, resin, polywood, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or compare it to Trex® deck boards.
  • Anesia St. Clair

What is composite recycled outdoor patio furniture?

Recycled plastic patio furniture is increasing in popularity at a very fast pace, and has been referred to by many names. Each company manufactures its own raw material lumber...
  • Anesia St. Clair

Should I be afraid of wicker outdoor patio furniture?

Like many other categories, wicker outdoor patio furniture runs the gamut in terms of quality, price, how it’s made, and what it’s made of. If you want temporary furniture that...
  • Anesia St. Clair
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