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Composite Patio Furniture


Have You Heard of Composite Patio Furniture?

Composite Patio Furniture Phoenix

Composite patio furniture is increasing in popularity at a fast pace, and has been referred to by many names.  Some call it recycled plastic, resin, polywood, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or compare it to Trex® deck boards.  Composite patio furniture has a long history in the United States, with one leading manufacturer being in business over 100 years. Small companies are starting to pop up and it’s now being made overseas as well.  The dominant raw material for composite furniture is recycled plastic – water bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, and the like.  Over 500 one-gallon milk jugs can be repurposed into a single chair. 

Mainstream companies manufacture their own lumber.  They buy the plastic that would otherwise go to the ocean or landfill.  They clean it, melt it, and extrude it into long lengths of lumber. UV stabilizers and dye is mixed into the solution at the molten stage to create excellent color fastness, even in sunny locations.  Variations in quality are due in part to the design of the furniture itself.  Heavier pieces with thicker lumber will outlast pieces made from thin planks.  You’ll find a wide variety of traditional to contemporary designs in sofas, dining sets, Adirondack chairs, and more.

How does composite patio furniture fare in our harshest of dry and hot conditions?

Great!  One of the distinct advantages of this type of outdoor furniture is that it doesn’t get hot to the touch or retain heat once put into shade.  It will not crack or peel, does not absorb moisture, doesn’t rot, rust, or corrode, resists mold and fungus, and is heavy enough to resist wind. It’s manufactured with the intention of leaving it outside year round regardless of weather conditions.

Composite patio furniture is a practical investment, it’s environmentally conscious, and will serve you with many years of entertainment and relaxation.  If you haven’t considered it before, it’s worth a drive to your local dealer to check it out.

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