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Patio Covers Phoenix: Space Planning Your Back Yard


Patio Covers Phoenix

Dirt back yards behind new homes leave the possibilities for how to use your outdoor space endless. Homes typically come with a small covered patio. Due to our near-constant sunshine, to fully enjoy the outdoors we need additional patio covers Phoenix that give us more shade. More shade means more space to use rather than look at.

We often have an easier time decorating the inside of our homes because each room already has a specific purpose. We know we’ll put a sofa and some chairs in the living room because we’ll be sitting there. Our kitchen has a table, and our bedroom has a bed. Once you define what you’ll be doing outside you can create “rooms” accordingly. 

If you’ll be eating, you need a table and chairs. Establish a space for that. Cooking?  Figure out where your grill and some work space will be.  Socializing?  You need chairs facing each other.  Looking at a view or watching kids in the pool?  You’ll want seating facing in the right direction.  You can create these areas by grouping outdoor patio furniture together and having blank space between groupings.  A rug can really define a space when the hardscape beneath is the same throughout the yard.

Consider what time of day you’ll be outside for different reasons.  If you like to go out for morning coffee, a simple bistro table and two chairs is perfect.  It can fill a smaller space.  Be aware of where the sun is in the morning and place your outdoor patio furniture accordingly.  If you have a pool, you’ll want chaise lounges facing the sun so you can dry off.  Consider adding a Sunbrella umbrella or patio covers Phoenix for areas used during the day.  Fire features are enjoyed at night.  Dedicate areas without patio covers to nighttime use under the stars. 

Once you define uses for your spaces, back fill the surrounding areas with greenery.  Our outdoor spaces tend to be heavy on flat, hard surfaces and neutral colors.  We have our stucco house, hardscape on the ground, and a concrete perimeter wall.  To make your space inviting, it needs to be softened with some texture, movement, and bright colors.  Plants naturally do the trick!  Be sure to add pots for height and additional brilliant color.  Metal trellis with well-chosen vines that thrive in radiant heat are great for providing height without width against your perimeter walls.

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