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Extruded Aluminum Outdoor Patio Furniture


Extruded or tubular aluminum is pushed through a die to create a length of material to be cut later. Essentially, lumber is created and then used as the raw material for the furniture. Dies can be made of any shape – rectangular, square, round, or irregular. The resulting lumber that is created varies in side wall thickness as well. The inside of the extruded lengths may contain ribbing or other reinforcements that give the piece strength and help it resist bends and kinks under pressure. The pieces are welded or bolted together to create a finished product.


There are many factors that affect the quality of the finished aluminum product, so it’s not easy to characterize whether cast or extruded is better. You will find high and low end options in both categories. Rather than evaluate the manufacturing process of the aluminum itself, you may be more concerned with the hardware, the welds, the finish, and the overall weight of the piece. A heavier piece is a good indication of thicker sidewalls, internal reinforcements, and the ability to withstand weight.

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  • Christopher Amos
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