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Marine Grade Polymer MGP Outdoor Patio Furniture


Abbreviated as MGP, Marine Grade Polymer is a high density polyethylene (referred to as HDPE) material. It is an extremely dense, opaque, highly durable material that will not absorb moisture, rot, crack, fade, or really change at all once manufactured. It’s made from 100% recycled content sourced from the United States. It was originally manufactured for boat hulls. It is completely non-porous and unaffected by weather. It does not absorb heat so it’s an ideal choice for full sun exposures.


MGP is typically very smooth or has a very slight matte textured finish to it. You will not see any color variation in it, and it is solid all the way through the material. The material itself can be slightly costly. Most Marine Grade Polymer patio furniture contains an MGP frame, or accents. It is not typical that the entire piece is made of this material, although a few solid MGP pieces, including fire tables, may be found. Very common are MGP slings chairs, MGP frames with cushions, and aluminum pieces with MGP armrests and other trim pieces attached.

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  • Christopher Amos
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