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Poly Foam Outdoor Patio Furniture Cushions


If your patio furniture cushions are not made from reticulated, dry, or dryfast foam, they are made with a poly foam.  There are many thicknesses, densities, and differences in how firm or soft poly foams are.  One foam provider alone carries fifteen distinctly different densities in the same thickness foam.  Thinner foams will provide less support than thicker foams.  Thin foams are more desirable if the cushion will get wet because it will be slow to dry.  Sometimes two different types of foams are glued together to create a custom type of comfort unique to a manufacturer.


Poly foam has a dense cell pattern without visible air gaps.  This means water, dirt, and pollen will remain in the material for a period of time – perhaps long enough for mold, mildew, or bacteria to form.  You generally want to avoid saturating these foams with water.  Cover or bring them inside during rain and spot clean rather than hose them off completely.


Some patio furniture cushions that are made with poly foam are wrapped with a Dacron polyester fiberfill material.  It may be wrapped around four sides of the cushion or all six sides.  It could be glued to the foam or stapled together.  This wrap softens the harsh corners where foam has been cut to size and also provides an extra layer of softness.


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