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Cast Aluminum Outdoor Patio Furniture


Cast aluminum is made from a mold or series of molds. The designs can be very ornate, detailed, textured, and curved. Just because it’s poured into a mold this does not mean the material is solid. It is likely not solid on the inside, as the side walls and solidity of the material varies greatly. The aluminum that is poured into the mold also varies in how solid it is, or put another way, how much air is in it. Some aluminum is fairly pure, where others is more like swiss cheese on the inside. Since you don’t ever see this part, weight is a good indicator of how much aluminum is inside each piece.


Cast molds are made of either a die or sand. Sand molds are made of just that – hardened sand. The finished aluminum that comes out of this mold will have a rough, irregular texture because it was formed from sand. This material is sanded once removed from the mold, but is left textured to a degree in order to give it more of a hand crafted, individualized look.


Die casts are much more expensive and rare. They form a smooth, perfect mold that results in an exactly replicated finished piece each time. Once removed from the mold, the aluminum is finished with layers of color and sealers to finish it.


Cast furniture is made using multiple molds and the resulting pieces need to be joined together. Higher quality manufacturers weld the joints, sand them, and finish them so they are inconspicuous. Entry level collections may have less sophisticated welds or may be joined with visible hardware.

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