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Outdoor Patio Furniture Shopping


So you’re in the market for outdoor patio furniture - great! If you’re reading this it’s safe to say you’re making your best effort to do some research and make an informed choice about the patio furniture that’s right for you. Even better! Patio furniture is an investment, and this comes as a surprise to many first time buyers. Be prepared to find a very wide range of styles and price points. Many are intimidated by the array of choices and fear they are in for something like a complicated, expensive car buying experience. Nobody wants to make a mistake and regret their buying decision. Some people are looking at outdoor patio furniture for the very first time with their previous exposure limited to what they see in the big box stores. Some have gone through several sets of outdoor furniture that have either worn out or been left behind in moves and have experienced the pros and cons of the choices they’ve made so far.


Outdoor patio furniture can be characterized as temporary or permanent. Temporary furniture is just that – temporary. It is usually inexpensive (but not always!) and will last from months to a few years. After that time you’ll need to have the cushions replaced, refinish the frames, find replacement parts, or scrap it altogether. Permanent furniture is quality furniture that will last many years. Your changing taste will dictate a change long before the furniture wears out. Permanent patio furniture costs as much or more than indoor furniture. It will be extremely durable and comfortable and can be considered an extension of the inside of your home. Most people go through 2-3 sets of temporary furniture before they buy permanent furniture. You’ll want to consider if you’re in a position to buy permanent or if you’d rather not commit to it at this time of your life.

Throughout our blog, we’d like to provide enough information about the options available so you feel informed and confident while in your quest for outdoor patio furniture. Explore the different materials available, pros and cons, and the many factors that you may consider before making your selection. We have many pieces and collections on our site that will allow you to see examples of the options as you read about them. Enjoy your new outdoor living space!

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