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Knocked Down KD Aluminum Outdoor Patio Furniture


KD is an industry abbreviation for “Knocked Down.” This simply means that the manufacturer ships it in pieces and it requires assembly by either the buyer or the patio furniture store. Quality stores will assembly for you. During this process, we inspect each piece, resolve any missing or defective hardware, deal with freight damage, and take care to assemble using the correct tools and torque.


Knocked down pieces leave room for human error in the packing, freight handling, and assembly processes. The pieces are being touched more times. Assembly that is completed by a robot or someone every day at the factory with all the best tools is naturally a more perfected process than assembly completed by a consumer or even a retail store worker. When looking at a finished piece, you probably cannot tell if it was assembled at the factory or at the retail store. Some pieces that require assembly arrive at retail stores already assembled. Be prepared to assemble any furniture yourself if it is shipped directly to you or if you pick it up from a warehouse in a box.

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  • Christopher Amos
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